;down in new orleans { henri + elijah }



                                      Elijah was watching everyone in the bar as they drank
                        and danced, seeming to have the time of their lives. He wasn’t
                        expecting having a visitor, given that most people didn’t approach
                        someone like him so randomly.

      But he welcomed the company nonetheless. “I tend not to let women buy
      my drinks, but I will not mind buying you one, Miss..?”

              He reached his hand out to the woman, introducing himself.

                                   “——-Elijah Mikaelson.”

        Henri motioned to the bartender for two drinks before turning to the man and shaking his hand. 

        "Henrietta Vale, but by all means, call me Henri." The small blonde greeted, taking a sip of her liquor before speaking once more.

        "Say, Elijah Mikaelson. European, yes? I’ve heard of you. And if you are the Elijah I am thinking of, you have a beautiful city." Henri complimented

im actually super jazzed for the dracula movie



;down in new orleans { henri + elijah }

        Henri stepped up to the bar and sat next to a man in a dapper suit. She didn’t know who he was, but she could easily smell vampire. 

        This wasn’t her first time in America. Her dear Romania sided with the Americans in World War I on a couple years ago, but not because she agreed or disagreed with anyone. It was a good use of feeding ground for her army and on the other hand, Germans were animals. 

        "I’m feeling quite generous today, so may I offer you a drink?" Henri asked. 

Verse 2: researcher || Closed starter for sadisticvale



"It’s a common name." Mina acknowledges with a polite nod, not wanting to give away too much to a stranger. It was risky enough, just coming back here with the recent conflict.

"Vienna, actually. I’m a scholar. Researcher. And no, I’m sorry, I’ve never been to Iasi."

"Must be in your area. It’s not one I hear often." Henri countered, glancing around. It still bothered Henri. Why couldn’t she smell her blood? She heard the thumping of a heart, but could only smell her mother’s perfume. It nearly drove the girl insane with a need to rip her throat out, just to figure out what was going on. This traveler wasn’t a vampire, that much was evident. So how does a mere human mask her scent so expertly? That raised another question. Mina had no idea what she meant when she asked if she was wearing perfume. That mean that it wasn’t something she’d sprayed on this morning. It was the smell of her actual blood. 

"Long journey to study. What do you research, exactly?" Henri was going to keep this conversation going in full attempt to figure out what this was. She could push her way into the girl’s mind, but she might be a witch and Henri wasn’t strong enough to try to break the barrier one might have on their mind. 

The scent is too specific. Too particular to something that you admire, Henri thought to herself, If it’s a spell, she makes her blood smell like something that the person who can smell it is connected to. In your case, your mother’s perfume.

"I can’t take it anymore." Henri finally said, stepping in front of Mina, "Who or what are you and why can’t I smell you? Witch? Siren? What?"

So I’m thinking of the girl who plays Maya from Girl Meets World as Henri’s younger FC. 

What do you guys think?

Blood and Seduction { beth + jason }


Jason looked up to Henri.  “How the fuck did you get into my house?  I never invited you in,” he growled, standing up with a stake already in his hand.  “And you have no right to talk about Beth, she knows nothing of the true world we live in.”

Henri chuckled at his weapon. It was nothing compared to the mental powers she had. With no problem at all, she could make him turn it on himself if he tried to kill her. 

"She doesn’t have to. It could be a simple reality check for her. Or she could still not know and I can hurt her. Bethy could go mountain climbing then suddenly.. let go.." 

Blood and Seduction { beth + jason }


        —”You have a beautiful girlfriend, Jason… It’d be a shame if something.. happened.. to her.” 


         ”No need to be rush, my queen. Like I said, I just came here to give you the message. Yes, you could kill me, that’s entirely your choice. But won’t stop him, I’m afraid” she shrugged. Clara been given two options. Come here to give the message or be killed, so for her it wouldn’t make much of a difference. “He’s called Charles and has been conquering many kingdoms lately. He said it would be only a matter of time to break yours as well.”

"Would you believe that I’ve conquered many of my own? The difference between he and I is that I have lost no men. Surely he has. So I will grant your your life with a message to be sent to your master.. If he values his life..Stay back. If he wishes to lose his kingdom, then he may proceed." Henri threatened, waving the girl off, "Now go, before I change my mind and send him your head."

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               — “Alright, again… I’m just passing what it was told me to say. Master ordered to come here, threat and then come back. That’s what I’m doing. Now, I’ve had a long trip. Would you be a good queen and offer me tea?” 

        —”You truly believe that I will be kind to you? I think you’ll find that I disagree with the saying ‘Don’t kill the messenger.’ Half a mind tells me that I should send your master back your head.” The queen snapped, “Your master is also cowardly, sending someone else to do his dirty work. What is his name?” Henri stood tall, glaring down at the girl.