So I’m thinking of the girl who plays Maya from Girl Meets World as Henri’s younger FC. 

What do you guys think?

Blood and Seduction { beth + jason }


Jason looked up to Henri.  “How the fuck did you get into my house?  I never invited you in,” he growled, standing up with a stake already in his hand.  “And you have no right to talk about Beth, she knows nothing of the true world we live in.”

Henri chuckled at his weapon. It was nothing compared to the mental powers she had. With no problem at all, she could make him turn it on himself if he tried to kill her. 

"She doesn’t have to. It could be a simple reality check for her. Or she could still not know and I can hurt her. Bethy could go mountain climbing then suddenly.. let go.." 

Blood and Seduction { beth + jason }


        —”You have a beautiful girlfriend, Jason… It’d be a shame if something.. happened.. to her.” 


         ”No need to be rush, my queen. Like I said, I just came here to give you the message. Yes, you could kill me, that’s entirely your choice. But won’t stop him, I’m afraid” she shrugged. Clara been given two options. Come here to give the message or be killed, so for her it wouldn’t make much of a difference. “He’s called Charles and has been conquering many kingdoms lately. He said it would be only a matter of time to break yours as well.”

"Would you believe that I’ve conquered many of my own? The difference between he and I is that I have lost no men. Surely he has. So I will grant your your life with a message to be sent to your master.. If he values his life..Stay back. If he wishes to lose his kingdom, then he may proceed." Henri threatened, waving the girl off, "Now go, before I change my mind and send him your head."

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               — “Alright, again… I’m just passing what it was told me to say. Master ordered to come here, threat and then come back. That’s what I’m doing. Now, I’ve had a long trip. Would you be a good queen and offer me tea?” 

        —”You truly believe that I will be kind to you? I think you’ll find that I disagree with the saying ‘Don’t kill the messenger.’ Half a mind tells me that I should send your master back your head.” The queen snapped, “Your master is also cowardly, sending someone else to do his dirty work. What is his name?” Henri stood tall, glaring down at the girl.

{ open }


        —”How dare you come into my kingdom and threaten me. No matter how big your army is, the strength of mine with surpass your own.  Choose your next words carefully or you will be swallowing your tongue.”



◤ Ɣ ◢

                ❝ I would not expect anything less from one of my blood. ❞

        He watches her step closer but makes no move of his own. Dracula
        does not want to startle her after all. It must be strange to be talking
        to him. He could only imagine that stories that she must of heard
        about his ruthlessness and such.

                ❝ After the death of your grandmother, my beloved wife, I lost
                   myself for a time. I became the monster many believed I was
                   and it took me a while to find my humanity once more. I see
                   much of her in you, I am glad she is surviving within our
                   family line. ❞


        —”I take from my mother and I act as my father. I represent him here and in front of my army. The war that had begun with you and your brother still goes on, but it feels as it’s nearing to an end, with us on top. I refuse to get too cozy. I know how my brother works. And if you are here, I pray that your dear brother isn’t as well. They don’t need the help.” Henri walked past him, continuing to walk towards her castle. 

        "Your words sway me to believe you’ve gone soft. If that is the case, this is not a place for you. Your words of love and no longer being the monster you once were are unwelcome. If you are to interfere, I suggest channel that beast, or leave. I’ve no time for family reunions. If I did, I’d be sitting around a campfire with my father and brother. I, instead, am at war, so if you’ll excuse me, I have battle to prepare and a country to lead."

if anyone can find me a bad ass fc with red hair and brown eyes, I would be eternally grateful. It’s a whole symbolism with my muse and I just can’t find actresses that fit that. A bad ass in an evil way.