◤ Ɣ ◢

                ❝ I am well aware of your capabilities ❞

        Since his ‘death’ Dracula had gone into hiding, away from the world
        yet of course he had kept an eye on his family for they were most
        important to him. Ever now and again he would interfere, eliminate
        a threat, help out a loved one but never would he show himself.

                ❝ You are blood of my blood. Though I have not been around
                    I have never left my family. ❞

        —”Good. You’d be surprised at the number who aren’t. As you can assume, that number includes no living.” 

        Henri stepped towards the man, pursing her lips. It’d been years. Centuries even since her grandfather had been present. Before her birth, since she never recalled meeting him in person, just in legacy. 

        "It’s been long. If you’ve been near, why in secret? There’d be no reason to hide, unless there is much I’ve yet to understand."



◤ Ɣ ◢

        ❝ If I were you I wouldn’t be wandering around in the dark.
           Who knows what manner of beast may be lurking in the shadows. ❞

        — Henri turned and narrowed her eyebrows. How.. peculiar. 

        "The only beast I’ve to fear is mankind, and even then, I hold no worry at all. I think, sir, you’ll find that I am more than capable of taking care of myself." She spoke surely, her posture straight. 

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Royalty. How brash she had been! Her cheeks burn in an embarrassed blush as she follows after the fairer woman. “Please, pardon my brashness,” she quickly apologizes, bowing her head somewhat. “It is only that one must be wary of wayfarers when traveling the long roads.” She offers a hand. 

"I’m Mina. Mina Harker."

"Please, don’t apologize. I don’t expect many to know me by face, which is a good thing, most of the time. I understand your wariness entirely. Even more so as you are traveling with solitary. From where did your voyage depart?" Henri inquired, taking the girl’s hand for a moment. 

"Mina Harker.. It sounds familiar. Your recognition of the language sways me to believe you spent time in Romania. Say, have you been near Iasi lately?" 


                 Liv’s eyes widened as the woman spoke. Vampire. Should’ve guessed— or something. Instantly her first thought was to give the girl a killer headache, but for now she seemed like she was going to play nice—- Which was a plus for her. The information the blonde was saying actually caught her attention and even got her to smile for a moment. ❝I was actually thinking more along the lines of Harry Potter— but that’s only because I watched it last night and the song got stuck in my head. Now, who are you?


        Henri laughed, leaning back in her seat as she continued to trace shapes onto the counter. 

        "I apologize, I’m old fashioned. I hear one thing and it’s some modern term with a reference to something I’m used to. I was around 40 years old when Shakespeare was born, 60 when he really started being recognized. He did write his own work, by the way, I’ve watched him do it." The vampire went on, "I’m Henrietta Vale, though I prefer to be called Henri. I’m not going to ask if I’ve been mentioned in your world history classes as no one cares of the success of Romania."


Lexi stepped out from behind the desk, and walked like she had a stick up her butt. As her small heels clicked on the white tiles below her.

"Ohh, but see, daddy isn’t here at the moment, and until he shows himself, I follow myself." she spoke with annoyance in her voice. "As for your threats, I haven’t said anything to you, and you want to threat me, maybe I just want to talk? Or better yet, know exactly what you are?"


She asked the other as her arms hung loosely at her side, not really caring that some other shoppers were staring or the owner looked like he was going to pee his pants.

"Speaking to me doesn’t require locking everyone in here. I’m not an idiot. You want an audience and talking doesn’t need that." Henri took a few more steps towards the demon. 

"I’m a vampire. Malum, to be exact.. I’m one of the strongest vampires alive, so attempting to go against me is ill-advised." Henri told her, crossing her arms over her chest.

Verse 2: researcher || Closed starter for sadisticvale



"Thank you for your offer, but I should need no assistance in acquiring a room." She smiles politely, trying not to engage with a stranger, even if they seemed nice.

At the inquiry, Mina raises a brow. “Roses? No, I wear no such perfume.” she adjusts her scarf. “Are you from Romania?”

"Suit yourself." Henri said with a smile, walking towards the inn. At her question, Henri only gave a small smirk. 

"Dearest.. I am Romania. I have ruled over my dear country for many years, precisely why I would be able to easily grant you a room. When I visit, this inn is usually where I go.” The queen explained, 


im so paranoid following dracula blogs because i have such a specific idea of how henri and her family came to be and i want to rp with a drac so bad because hey power hungry leader with a granddaughter who’s risen to the occasion of being a leader and a tough ass vampire

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