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"I’m offended that you’d think I’d let him do that. Besides, he doesn’t do human anymore. He’s got a human hunter girlfriend.” Henri said, looking to Jason, “This is the brother that runs the army I’m up against that I told you about. Giving him your blood would make him stronger and I don’t want that.”

"I would say nice to meet you," Jason commented to Roman.  "But considering what you just did to Henri, it’s not really so nice."  He got up off the floor.  "Did Henri tell you I’m a hunter? Or at least, I was."

"I never told him about you ever, Jason. It’s not like we talk all the time. We’re enemies for a reason. Jason, he’s the kind of vampire that you would normally side with. He has hundreds of hunters on his side." Henri told Jason, tugging on Jason’s arm to tell him that nothing Jason could say would fend off Roman, as Roman wasn’t violent until he was attacked first. 

"I was the enemy, remember? You wanted my head on a stick until I slept with you."

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"A woman to carry the crown? Now that is a sight to behold for more ofte than not we fought to assert ourselves among the men." The Countess found it difficult where men of this time still presumed a woman was beneath them. Women were far more deadlier than men and they held the hindsight to clean up their mess rather than leave it about unlike men. "I can only presume Romania is in the best of hands with you. Romania holds a legacy many wish to strike out, but all of our countries were in bloody wars. All of it to hold off the Ottomans." She nearly spat out the name of the horrible countrymen who overpowered and strangled her Hungary. "Have you banished any Turks from your lands?"

"Woman or not, I am a Vale, and that is a name to be feared no matter who it belongs to. Though I don’t want my people to fear me, I merely want them to understand that their country is mine and nothing goes without my say. I love my dear Romania, I wish to keep it in the best of hands and you know what they say, ‘If you want something done right, do it yourself.’" Henri smiled and poured herself a glass of wine, taking a sip. 

"I think you’ll find that if someone needs to be banished from my kingdom, they don’t exactly find their way to the border." The vampire gave her a devilish smirk, "I work to form a very specific reputation. One that will let surrounding countries be aware that I will not take strife or chaos. Of course, some man comes always along and figures that because this country is led by a woman that it would be simple to overthrow. Those are the men I take out myself."

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"You… you drank from me?" he asked, looking between Roman and Henri.  "Did he drink from me too?" he added, his gaze training on Roman, worried.

"I’m offended that you’d think I’d let him do that. Besides, he doesn’t do human anymore. He’s got a human hunter girlfriend.” Henri said, looking to Jason, “This is the brother that runs the army I’m up against that I told you about. Giving him your blood would make him stronger and I don’t want that.”


Jason felt a slight pressure on his neck and his eyes opened slowly to see Henri leaning over him, blood running from the corner of her mouth.  “What… what happened?” he asked, his voice hoarse and faint.

"Yeah, Roman, what happened?" Henri asked her brother, narrowing her eyebrows. Roman just pursed his lips and looked down at the ground. 

"I’m gonna go clean up so I don’t give you nightmares." Henri motioned to her face, where blood ran from her nose, eyes and mouth. When she returned, she sat beside Jason and wrapped her arm around him. 

"Jason, this is my brother, Roman." She informed him, "He.. he made me feel like I was on fire, because that’s of course the most painful thing you could do to someone, so you felt it too. I kind of made you feel like you had an aneurysm because I made it back fire and that really takes a toll on me and I wouldn’t be able to talk right now if I didn’t have energy so I only took a little sip from you." Henri went on 


"I’m not snapping, I thought you were doing that," Jason said.  The pain felt like fire and he got up off the bed to get away from Henri physically as if that could help.  He made it to the living room before crashing through the glass table as he passed out from the pain, crying out just before he hit the ground.

"Jason, I control minds. That’s it. I make your body do what I want it to, or I can possess it. I can’t control what people feel. I’m working on it, but I can’t do that yet." Henri panted. She tried to crawl out to Jason, but she was so weak, even that was like dragging 50 people and 3 cars on her shoulders for a million miles. When she finally made it to Jason, the attacker her stumbled into the room, recovering from Henri backfiring his talent. She sat beside Jason and held him to her, waiting for him to come to. 

"You’re kind of a bastard, you know that?" Henri said to her brother, brushing her fingers through Jason’s hair, making sure nothing was ruptured, though Henri knew it was just a mental feeling with his brain bursting as hers nearly did and actually physically for Henri. Roman sat there and watched Henri for a moment. 

"When’d you learn to do that?" He asked her, rubbing his head, thinking about the pain that his sister had shot back. 

"There’s a lot you don’t know I can do. But if it wasn’t obvious, it wasn’t easy." Henri mumbled weakly, looking to Jason. His pulse was pounding in her ears. 

"Forgive me." She whispered in his ear, unsure if he could even hear her, then leaned down and softly bit his neck, drinking only a little. She would be weak for some time after what she’d done, but after a little gulp of blood, she’d be able to function even in the slightest. She grabbed an old rag and held it to his neck to stop the bleeding.

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"By food, I mean drinking dry, or if I don’t want to risk them surviving and connecting to me, bleeding them out and drinking later. If you were my food and I wanted to only snack on you every now and then, I would slit your wrist, not bite you." Henri said, pursing her lips and closing her eyes. Suddenly, she felt a searing heat like she was on fire, rush through her body, causing her to scream out and arch her back. Part of her hoped Jason couldn’t feel it, but her common sense knew that he could.

"What the fuck was that?" Jason hissed as he too, felt pain, rippling down his spine.  "Henri, what the hell?"

"Don’t.. Don’t snap at me like.. Like I’m doing it." Henri growled, clenching her eyes shut and taking deep breaths in attempt to focus even though she was sure she was on fire. Her head felt like it was going to explode, but she had to fight back. 

"This is going to hurt. You might pass out. Fair warning." Henri said to him, gripping his hand tightly as she felt the blood run down her nose. After a moment, she cried out and shoved the sensation back at the attacker with her mind, blood running from her eyes now, coughing more of the red liquid out. Henri stumbled for a moment before collapsing onto the floor beside the bed, holding her head in her hands. She did, however, hear someone collapse in another room and a male’s voice shouting out in pain from the back fire.